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Subject: insert cells macro
Posted by:  Kelly McFaul (kellymc…
Date: Sun, 16 May 2004

I have a column of data that I need to insert 4 blank cells after each
I can figure out how to write a macro to insert one cell, but not four.
These values are imported from data loggers that monitor temperatures of
different things. Some readings are taken every 2 minutes, some every 10
minutes. What I am hoping to accomplish is to paste the readings taken every
10 minutes next to the readings taken every 2 minutes and have the times
correspond to each reading like this:
col A      col b  col c
10:00      68      72
10:02      69
10:04      72
10:06      65
10:08      70
10:10      67      74
and so forth.
The number of rows in this column would vary.
Can this be done? I might be in way over my head on this one, but the guy I
work for thinks I can do ANYTHING and I hate to let him down!!
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.