Compress Excel File Format?

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Subject: Compress Excel File Format?
Posted by:  Sarah Anderson (
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004

My regular Excel file is 29 KB. When I added 2 Pivot Tables and 1
Macro, the file ballooned to 2.51 MB.

I was able to use Zip to compress it back to 34 KB (amazingly). But I
don't want to manually do this all the time.

My Question: Is there a setting in Excel that can compress its Pivot
Table and Macros within the Excel file so I don't have to use Zip?

The reason I don't want to manually use Zip because some computers I
work with don't have Zip/Unzip and sometimes I'm in a rush to e-mail a
file. Manual Zipping seems like another unnecessary step.