How to determine Ratio/Percentage

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Subject: How to determine Ratio/Percentage
Posted by:  NoNoBadDog! (
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004

I have several retail stores that I must visit, and at the conclusion of
each visit I must complete and submit a form that summarizes my visit.  If I
visit a store that has wireless access, I can file the report immediately
using my PDA.  If the store does not have wireless access, I must wait until
I am back in my office to file the report via the web.  I keep track of my
visits using an Excel worksheet, and I have a column where I keep track of
how the report was files (WEB or PDA).  I have a new worksheet for each

  What formula can I use to give me either a ratio of reports files via PDA
vs. Web, or a percentage(i..e 70% PDA, 30% WEB).  Since I track the
reporting method in a single column, I am hoping there is an elegant and
simple way to do this.

  I look forward to any responses.