Formula for Moving Cell Contents

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Subject: Formula for Moving Cell Contents
Posted by:  terrapinie (terrapin…
Date: 21 May 2004

This question stems from formatting a MS project file in Excel.
I have copied and pasted the schedule into an excel file with the
'Outline Level' column, so I can auto filter for each level of
subtasks and move them over one column to preserve the indented format
of Project.  I have created a macro to do this, however I had to move
each row or small group of rows over individually because excel won't
allow me to move a group of cells with 'hidden' rows in between them.
So, when I want to import the schedule into excel again, if I have
added or removed any tasks, this macro will not work correctly.
I would like to create a formula (or macro) to do something like this:
IF(J1=2,move cell contents to D1,IF(J1=3,move cell contents to
E1,IF(J1=4,move cell contents to F1, etc.
with J1 being my 'outline level' column, C1 being the original task
column, and D1, E1, F1, etc. being the inserted columns for indenting

Can anyone shed any light on this?  [and I have a feeling I'm going to
hear that it's impossible... :-( ]

Thanks a ton,