Custom View Problems

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Subject: Custom View Problems
Posted by:  Peter Haworth (pe…
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004

I have defined a custom view with some hidden columns and a filter on 1
column. I checked the box  to remember hidden columns, rows, and filters.
When I display the view, the filter does not seem to have any effect.  If I
click on the auto filter dropdown menu at the top of the column that has a
filter, the correct filter item is highlighted and if I re-select it, the
filter works.  Is there some other setting I have to enable to get this to
work correctly?

Also, I have another custom view that unhides the hidden columns and sets
the auto filter to "All" in order to get back to the normal view of my
spreadsheet.  However, when I select this custom view, the rows that were
excluded by the filter in the other custom view are not displayed and I have
to do a Select All from the edit menu and then Row|Unhide from the Format
menu.  Any ideas on this?