VB in Excel: PC to Mac problems

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Subject: VB in Excel: PC to Mac problems
Posted by:  Jeff Melkonian (anonymo…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004

Hi,  =0A=
    I wrote some vb code using Excel 2002. A user tried  =0A=
running the code in Excel for Mac (PowerBook G4 with OS X)  =0A=
and got the following error message: "Compile error in hidden  =0A=
>module: ThisWorkbook". Does anyone know how to fix this  =0A=
error and, more generally, what other problems might occur  =0A=
when trying to run vb code on a Mac when that code was  =0A=
developed in Excel 2002?  =0A=
Thanks,  =0A=
Jeff Melkonian  =0A=
.. =0A=