Charting in EXCEL

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Subject: Charting in EXCEL
Posted by:  Grace (Whooshbopban…
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004

I want to create a chart in EXCEL that, year by year, shows the range of a
certain variable with four stacked bars for quartiles of a universe.  I
think I can figure out how to do this.

On each of those annual bars, I would also like to show the relative
position of two special extra data points.  Probably they would be indicated
by a diamond and a circle, or something like that.

Though I know I could manually paste a diamond or circle onto each of these
yearly automated stacked bars in nearly the correct position, that would be
messy and a bit of work.  And so I ask: Will EXCEL allow me to have those
two data points superimposed automatically, i.e., so if the data changes in
the spreadsheet, the position of the diamond will automatically adjust?  I
don't know if this question falls under what EXCEL calls custom charting, or
it custom charting more refers to using their canned charts, saving your
particular headings and labels, etc, and that's it.

Kindly help me, you EXCEL charting aficionados!