Excel Problem I just can’t get my head around.

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Subject: Excel Problem I just can’t get my head around.
Posted by:  Ant (ant.sne…@virgin.net)
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004

I am trying to solve a problem that I think Excel should be able to help me
with, if only I knew how!

The problem is this.  I am organising an event and expecting around 40-50
people, each person should visit each of the 6 stands with a group of other
guests.  After visiting the first stall, each person should then move onto
another stall; however they should not meet anyone at the second stall that
they were with previously at the first.  This should then continue until
every one has visited all 6 stalls and not met with anyone they have been
with at a stall before.  I expect there to be approx 10 people at any one
stall at a time e.g. 60 people attend / 6 stalls = 10 at a stall.

I first thought this would be a simple problem, start a table in Excel and
find a pattern then copy the pattern down, but the more I try the more
frustrated I get.  Any suggestions welcome.