Count consecutive values down a Col #2

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Subject: Count consecutive values down a Col #2
Posted by:  Jon Macmichael (jonm…
Date: 30 May 2004


Sorry I had to put this under a new post. Did something wrong on the
original thread... and could only get an "unable to retrieve message"

You bought the Pivot Table back to life. Made a few runs (I have many
files to do), and it works very well. I found that the data needs
importing into Access as text for the Pivot Table to provide a 'count'
rather than 'sum' when data is formatted as number.

However, by first having to import the data into Access (into a
manually configured ('Design View') the overall process is made slow,
as I have so many files to do. Guess if I could write code in Access,
then this could be overcome.

But for now, I'm between a rock and a hard place. Considering the
large quantity of files I'd need to first import, do you think it
would not be faster to correct the script I wrote for Excel (with Chip
Pearson's Import Macro, at least it's off to a flying start)?

Appreciate your help very much.