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Subject: Re: Macro Command to Exit
Posted by:  Zainuddin Zakaria (sal…
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007

Dearest Bob Phillips and Chip Pearson,

Thank you so much. The code both of you suggested work perfectly like I
I really appreciate it.

Thanks again.

Warmest regards,

Zainuddin Z

"Zainuddin Zakaria" <sal…> wrote in message
> Hi again,
> This is related to the question below.
> Dave Peterson has kindly responded to that and it works.
> Thanks, Dave.
> My next question is how to exit the workbook (file) since there is no MENU
> bar again. I would like to have Macro command to do that (Exit) with a
> warning message to save first.
> Please help ... Thank you.
> Zainuddin Z
> "Dave Peterson" <peters…> wrote in message
> news:<45991DBA.107C9A…>...
>> One way is to just show the File|Save as dialog.
>> Option Explicit
>> Sub testme()
>> Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSaveAs).Show
>> End Sub
> "Zainuddin Zakaria" <sal…> wrote in message
> news:45991483$1…
>> Hi all,
>> I have hidden the MENU BAR using a macro command on purpose.
>> For the user to 'save/save as' his work, I plan to have a button on that
>> worksheet. The user can open the FILE menu, using that button when
>> pressed. Can someone suggest a macro command for that button to work the
>> way I plan it to be if it is possible.
>> Thank you so much.
>> Zainuddin Z



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