Bug Rep: Excel 2007 .xlsm file not saving commented codes

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Subject: Bug Rep: Excel 2007 .xlsm file not saving commented codes
Posted by:  orbii (orb…@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007

since i've tested this agaist 2 different copies of Excel 2007 fresh install
on different machines at home, i think it's clearly a bug.

ok, in order to save vba codes now in excel 2007, i'd have to save files in
the .xlsm format.  that's cool.  everything been working sweet, until...
spent 4 long days busting my butt during the new year, missed all the nice
parties to rush this stupid project out, and 2 hours being scream at by my
boss over skype kinda ate my heart out.

how can such a simple mistake be made?  very very easy >:Errrrrrrr

go on any sheet that has codes in your ms vb window and just comment
everything, then save the file - and make sure its a .xlsm file.  then
reopen it.  and WALAH, ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!!

to avoid it, have a small small code on the top that is a sub, or private
sub, and option explicit doesn't cut it either.  hope no one else has to
suffer like i did.

aloha, orbii

ps: pls submit for me an official bug report.