Pasted formula doesn't work unless "re-initialized"

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Subject: Pasted formula doesn't work unless "re-initialized"
Posted by:  John Richards (jricha…
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007

I'll apologize in advance if this has already been answered but I couldn't
come up with a search phrase to find an answer.

I have an existing worksheet which I have been using successfully for all of
2006 but now I want to add rows for 2007.  Whether I copy and paste, or drag
a formula down from the last existing row, the new cells display the value
that was in the original cell rather than the new value that the formula in
the new cell should rerturn.  When I click on the cell to display the
formula in the formula bar, the formula looks fine but if I select any
portion of the formula, even the equal sign, and then hit return (what I am
calling "re-initializing"), the formula stays the same but the value in the
new cell changes to the correct value.

I have tried duplicating the problem on a new worksheet but haven't been
able to do it.

Any ideas?