Sorting rows by identical value of columns

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Subject: Sorting rows by identical value of columns
Posted by:  fredriks…
Date: 3 Jan 2007

I have an inventory worksheet with 3 columns. Each of the columns
contains values that should exist in at least one of the other two
columns. We want to visualize the rows that contains values not
represented in another column.

The data in each column is sorted A-Z, but this does not show the
"gaps" where a value is not in one of the other columns.

        A          B          C
1    PC1      PC2      PC2
2    PC2      PC3      PC4
3    PC3      PC4      PC5
4    PC5      PC5      PC6

We want this sorted by identical values on the "row axis".

        A          B          C
1    PC1
2    PC2      PC2      PC2
3    PC3      PC3
4                PC4      PC4
5    PC5      PC5      PC5
6                              PC6

Any help appreciated :)