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Subject: Re: How to do this ?
Posted by:  Bernard Liengme (blieng…
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007

I will assume the dates to be in A2:A400, items in B2:B400, amount in
C2:C400 (row 1 having headers)
In F1:J1 enter the names of the items - Fuel, Entertainment, Car, etc
In E2 enter 1/1/2007 and in E3 enter 1/2/2007
Selects these two cells and pull the fill handle down to E13 giving you 12
dates - the first of each month
Format these with custom format mmmm; now you see the names of 12 months
In F2 enter this formula (correct the ranges as needed)
Copy this across to J2, then copy E2:J2 down to row 13
Now you have a nice table like this
    Fuel Entertain Rent Food Etc
      January 475 136 286 303 231
      February 335 228 514 522 645
      March 466 761 250 629 698
      April 446 448 452 412 352

best wishes

Bernard V Liengme
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"Oliver Marshall" <oliver.marsha…> wrote in message

I have a list of expenses in a spreadsheet as so;

1/1/06    entertainment    £28
3/1/06    fuel                  £50


The dates are no real order as i enter them as i turf the receipts out
of my car. I want to create a table that shows a breakdown the
descriptions by month (theres only really 5; Fuel, Entertainment, Car
etc). Should look like this;

        Car £28
        Fuel £50
        Entertainment £100
        Car £40


Anyone know how I can do this easily from the list I have ? the dates
are in dd/mm/yy format.




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How to do this ? posted by Oliver Marshall on 6 Jan 2007