sum based on the names in the list

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Subject: sum based on the names in the list
Posted by:  navin (navin.naraya…
Date: 11 Jan 2007


I have a sheet, in which, col A contains name of suppliers (sorted
alphabatically) and col B contains qtys which was delivered by the

Now i have get the sum of the qty based on the supplier.

Supplier Name    Sum of Delivered Qty
AAAAA                        56
AAAAA                        30
AAAAA                        17
AAAAA                        8
AAAAA                        8
AAAAA                        1
AAAAA                        10
BBBB                        20
BBBB                        40
BBBB                        55
BBBB                        65
BBBB                        8
BBBB                        1
BBBB                        10

is there any formula, which will give me the sum, supplier wise. I know
this can be achieved by doing pivot, but i do not want to do a Pivot
because after the sum, total by supplier will be divided by each
deliverd qty.

Hope my problem is clear.