Re: MATCH, VLOOKUP? How to get T/F Result?

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Subject: Re: MATCH, VLOOKUP? How to get T/F Result?
Posted by:  David Lipetz (dlipe…
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007

Never mind, I think. The customer numbers in the second sheet were stored as
text, thus my formula was not working.

After converting to value, the following formula appears to work:


"David Lipetz" <dlipe…> wrote in message
> In one sheet of a multi-sheet workbook, I've got a column of customer
> numbers. In a separate sheet, I've got a column of customer numbers which
> represents a subset of the whole customer list.
> I need to be able to add an alpha code (single letter) in a separate
> column on the first sheet if the customer number on that row is contained
> in the subset list on the second sheet.
> Logically, Excel needs to look at the customer nimber on sheet 1 and try
> to find it on sheet 2. If it does find it, place an "A" in the cell, if it
> does not find it, leave the cell blank.
> I've experimented with VLOOKUP and MATCH, but both return #N/A when the
> cell is not found. I also tried creating an IF statement incorporating
> ISERROR or ISNA, but neither are working for me.
> How should I go about this formula?
> Thanks,
> David



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MATCH, VLOOKUP? How to get T/F Result? posted by David Lipetz on Thu, 11 Jan 2007