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Subject: Summation
Posted by:  navin (navin.naraya…
Date: 12 Jan 2007


I have a sheets, in which Col A has supplier names, Col B has part
supplied by the supplier and Col C has qty supplied.

Supplier        Part          qty
AAAAA          XXXX        2222
AAAAA          1111        232
AAAAA          wwas      334
BBBBB          ******      345
BBBBB          ++++      675
BBBBB          ####        7876

Now i want to calculate the total qty for one supplier and then in
another col get the ratio of a qty for part by the total number of qty
for that supplier. With the above example:

it should calculate, first the total# of qty for Supp: AAAAA and then
each part qty for supplier AAAAA has to be divided by the total number
of qty for Supplier: AAAAA.

I know this sounds confusing, but this is i want.

Please help.