How to create a formula that results in a blank cell if required

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Subject: How to create a formula that results in a blank cell if required
Posted by:  Martin C (Marti…
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007

I have a spreadsheet that is to be populated during the course of the year.

I have a column which totals the number of days worked on a particular task
and have copied the formula down the sheet for the number of entries

Obviously, as the sheet is currently unpopulated, I do not want a whole load
of zeroes listed in this column when the other cells in the sheet (which are
used in the calculation) are currently empty.

ie) what I have is (as a simple example)

A          B            C
Hours  Total Hrs  Total Days
37        37            5

What I want is some way of making the calculated result in column C
(calculated from column B) to look blank if there is no data in column A.
The reason I want it to be blank is because when I use the data to plot an
automated graph I do not want the line to plummet down to zero (ie first
point at 5, all other points at zero), but not to show the plotted point if
it is zero. I know that you can get the chart to not plot the value if the
cell is blank, but setting "" in the formula gives a null string rather than
blank, so zero is effectively plotted on the chart.

I hope I have made this clear.

Basically, how can I do something like:

IF((A2<>""),B2/7.4,<some way of getting blank here>)

This is all greatly simplified, but it gives you the idea of what I am

Thanks for any help you can give