Extended Worksheet data entry form -Debra Dalgleish/Dave Peterson pls help

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Subject: Extended Worksheet data entry form -Debra Dalgleish/Dave Peterson pls help
Posted by:  kev (kevi.m…@gmail.com)
Date: 18 Jan 2007

Hi Dave,

I came across your worksheet data entry form, adapted the idea for my
project and it worked perfectly fine.
Right now, i received a feedback from my team asking whether an edit
feature can be incorporated to this worksheet.I suggested them to do
the editing direct to the cell but they were hoping there will be a
macro solution.

Is there a way that we can call back the entire row (the one that needs
to be edited) of data in parts data sheet, have them appear in a new
sheet and make the changes there. Plus there is an additional criteria
whereby we only want to allow them to change 2 columns namely x, y the
rest of data will be locked(appear disabled).
Assuming each row we are gonna place a unique ID, can this be used to
call back the data?

my next question will be: i have placed a new sheet called Pivot table
which will take data range from the parts database. whenever i input
something new and save it, the changes is not reflected automatically
in the pivot table unless i click refresh data. i even set the option:
refresh on open but this does not work as the workbook is already open
and the changes was made later.

there is another option which is refresh on intervals but i was told
that this is for external data whereby mine all lies in the same
workbook. But then, it seems like i cannot even click tat option since
it is disabled i dunno why.

I know there seems to be quite a number of requests in here but i
really am looking forward for your help.
this is my final project for the quarter and i would like to impress

Thanks in advance.