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Subject: Chart Automation
Posted by:  jane (flemsar…
Date: 19 Jan 2007

I am currently creating Excel charts manually.  I have been extracting
data from a data warehouse (flat file), using a pivot table I slice the
data and cut and paste it into the appropriate Excel chart.  I have
almost 100 charts at this time.  This process is extremely time
consuming, not to mention dangerous.

I am trying to decide how I should implement chart automation.
Ultimately I would like to feed a flat file into a database (I have
Access available) and have all the charts automatically update.  All
charts are distributed to management, so I would also like to have the
ability to upload the charts into a presentable format.  I want minimal
manual interaction.

Can anyone recommend software to accomplish this automation (i.e.,
Access -> Excel -> PowerPoint)?

Also, are there any recommended books that can help me with the

Thank you!