Spreadsheet size (having check previous postings!)

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Subject: Spreadsheet size (having check previous postings!)
Posted by:  JB (jerry_berm…@hotmail.com)
Date: 20 Jan 2007

I have a problem which seems common, a spreadsheet increasing size from
4-5mb to 30mb. I have tried all the solutions I have seen (deleting non
used cells all the way to recreating the spreadsheet, copying cells).
This makes me thing the problem may be some of the formulae.

The increase in size happened after a crash. Before I needed to
randomize some numbers. There was a row of 30 rand() cells, and a
matriz 2000x30 where each row (2000) added the corresponding random

I was wondering if this could in any way be the cause of the size
increase or if any other formula could be responsible. The spreadsheet
does not use macros, user formulae or formatting.

Would appreciate any help!