Trouble With Default File Location

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Subject: Trouble With Default File Location
Posted by:  Fester Bestertester (whatmewor…
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007

Excel 2K3 sp2, WinXP Pro sp2.

Tools | Options | General | Default File Location


Tools | Options | Save | AutoRecover Save Location

It seems I made a typing error when I entered the path in one (or both)
of these text boxes (why haven't they ever added a Browse dialog to these?)

The resulting behavior is that when I navigate to Tools | Options and
try to select the Save or General tab to fix it, I get an error message:
"Unable to locate directory". The error message only has an OK button,
and the General (or Save) tab never displays, which effectively locks me
out of fixing the error manually.

/unregserver and /regserver didn't fix the problem, BTW. I presumed that
this would restore these settings to the factory defaults, but no luck.

Comments/suggestions welcome.