Sharing excel file over local area network

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Subject: Sharing excel file over local area network
Posted by:  Ravi Verma (adminra…
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007


I have four computers in office all connected in a local area network.  I
have an excel file on one of the computers and all other 3 computer users
and also the computer containing the main excel file are being used at the
same time, when someone clicks on save button on their respective pc the
main file gets updated. everything was going smoothly for some days, but of
late I am facing a new problem.
When some one opens the file or clicks on save button the original file gets
renamed automatically and the association with excel loses, the icon changes
also. It gets renamed to something like E0094, etc.

I have no clue what is happening, I would also like to add that some days it
works fine.
Is there any problem in accessing the file from network places? I have saved
the main file on one of the pc's d drive, which is full shared.

My os is windows xp and i m using microsoft office xp. Kindly let me know
how to solve the problem and also tell me what is the best way of sharing an
excel file over a peer to peer network.

Ravi Verma