Re: Use of sumproduct() in EXCEL

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Subject: Re: Use of sumproduct() in EXCEL
Posted by:  Bob Phillips (bob.N…
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007




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> Hi.
> Does anyone know if I can use the sumproduct() formula in parallel
> columns?
> For example lets say that I have n columns A1:A100 =1:100,
> B1:B100=10:1000,C1:C100=101:200,D1:D100=1010:2000,.,etc.
> I would like to calculate the sum A*B + C*D + ...+ Xn*Xn+1, using
> sumproduct() formula and without say sumproduct()1 + sumproduct()2+...+
> sumproduct()n.
> The sumproduct formula must be used only once.
> Any idea
> Thank you.


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Use of sumproduct() in EXCEL posted by Νικος on Thu, 25 Jan 2007