Error: #DIV/0!

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Subject: Error: #DIV/0!
Posted by:  Khalil Handal (khhand…
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007

Hi all,
In cell J14 I have the formula =AVERAGE(H14:I14).
When nothing is in the cells H14, I14 I have the message #DIV/0, and since
the colomn width is small I see the ### signs.

How do I need to modify the formula in cell J14 so that nothing is seen
inside it (empty) when cells H14 and I14 has nothing?

Logicaly: IF H14="" and I14=" then J14="" else J14=AVERAGE(H14:I14)

How can I write this in Excel? (if it is correct).

Help is realy appriciated.'