Drop Down Menu - Not Updating

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Subject: Drop Down Menu - Not Updating
Posted by:  microtut…@gmail.com
Date: 26 Jan 2007

I have a spreadsheet (didn't develop it).  It is very basic - you enter
in information (col's A through J).  One col contains the usersname.
You can have multiple col's with the same username but different events
and dates.  At the top of the row (username) there is an down arrow.
You hit the down arrow and it drops down (in alphabetical order) the
names entered.  You tap the name and it displays a list of everything
entered in for that name (you can have multiple usernames but with
different events).  Everything worked fine up until I reached Row 5067.
Rows 1 through 5067 are reflected (names only) in the drop down menu.
You select the name and it jumps you over to all entries with the same
name.  Anyway - any names entered after Row 5066 are not in the drop
down list.  It would appear (novice opinion) that the formula goes from
Row 1 through 5067?  How do I find the formula?

Thanks for your help.