Noob needs Excel 2007 help

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Subject: Noob needs Excel 2007 help
Posted by:  Joe727 (nospam@nospam.nospam)
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007

Hi - I just got MS Office 2007 Professional which, of course, includes Excel
12.  I need to keep track of vehicle mileage, reimbursement amounts, and
create an offset of those reimbursement amounts against the IRS standard
mileage deduction, so that at the end of the year I only have to plug a few
figures into my tax return.  I also need to make daily entries.

Now, I am an absolute, unconditional, verified noob when it comes to
speadsheets.  What I need is a basic tutorial on how to set this up.
There's a Excel 2007 for Dummies book as well as an Excel 2007 Reference for
Dummies book, but I am not even sure which one of those would be of the most

Until I got Office 2007 Pro, I had been playing around with the spreadsheet
in Works Suite 2001 without much success.

Any suggestion on what books or websites would be of benefit to an
spreadsheet noob like me is appreciated.

BTW, I am not afraid to poke around a program.  I've been building my own
computers for about 7 years now, so, I've already made a bunch of mistakes
which resulted in me having to start over.