Looking for matches between columns

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Subject: Looking for matches between columns
Posted by:  F. Belvoir (nospam@myisp.com)
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007

I'm not an Excel guru but I'm good with directions--- could someone point me
in the right direction?

I have a spreadsheet with 6 columns of data that I would like to compare to
a 7th column. If a match for any cell in Column 7 is found anywhere in
Columns 1-6, I don't want to be notified. If there is no match, I'd like a
new line written. I need the disparities to be noted if they appear only
within one column--- for example, if cell in Column 7 matches cell in Column
1,2,4,5,6 but not 3, I would like a line written.  Anytime the match is not
found anywhere in one particular column against my baseline/Column 7, I want
an entry made.

I think I need vlookup for this but my questions are:

-Do I need to define each as an array and start a new column for each
possible output entry?
-How to tell where the differences entry comes from? Meaning, if I have an
entry written, how can I know if it's there because the match was not found
in Column 2 as opposed to Column 4?

I think I need a macro, so I can run it on demand. Do I need 6 of them?

Thanks in advance!