RE: cannot enter data (normally)

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Subject: RE: cannot enter data (normally)
Posted by:  John Bundy
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007

Check your scroll lock, button usually at the top right of the keyboard near
print screen, if the page moves instead of the cell changing, that is most
likely your problem

-John Northwest11
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"Veronika" wrote:

> For some reason I am not able to just enter plain data into spreadsheet by
> just typing. After I enter data into a cell and use tab to move over I have
> to user mouse to double click on the cell in order to enter! Same if I use
> the down arrow to enter data into cell one row down. I don't understand
> this, never had the problem before on my old laptop. Excel 2000, Window XP
> Pro, Media Center Edition.


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