COUNTIF() Woes: OR Logic

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Subject: COUNTIF() Woes: OR Logic
Posted by:  Fao, Sean (enceladus3…@yahoo.comI-WANT-NO-SPAM)
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2008

I'm attempting to write a formula using the COUNTIF() function with OR
logic.  Essentially, I would like to count the row if *either* of the
two conditions below are met:

=COUNTIF(V:V, "> 7")
=COUNTIF(G13:G2000, "<" &TODAY() - 14)

And actually, to make it even more difficult, the second formula
requires that an AND condition be met (though I think I can figure this
out if I can figure out the first problem).

I've attempted all sorts of variations of using the AND() and OR()
functions to produce the desired results; however, it appears as though
this functionality is not supported in Excel.

Is there any way to produce the desired results?

Thank you in advance,