excel function to get tab name

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Subject: excel function to get tab name
Posted by:  Don
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008

On the first tab in my worksheet, I have several cells in a colum in which
the cell reference returns the value of cell A1 from the subsequent tabs.
For example, the workbook has 10 tabs named Tab1, Tab2...Tab10, and in Tab1,
the formula in cell A2 is "=Tab2!A1", and the formula in cell A3 is
"=Tab3!A1"....cell A10 is "Tab10!A1".  Sometimes, I will add and delete
these subsequent tabs (Tab2 through Tab10) and then have to manually re-link
the references to A1 on each of these tabs back to the column on Tab1.  Is
there some way to do this with a relative reference formula?  I know there is
a way to get this with some kind of vb/vba/macro, but I was looking for some
way to do it with a formula.  Thanks.