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Subject: Number format
Posted by:  James8309 (jaedong12…
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008

Hi Everyone,

In Column A:A I have phone numbers in each cell and they are in this
format [Special -> Dutch -> Telefoonnummer]
e.g. 0290099009

If I make it into General '0' infront will disappear.
i.e. 290099009

Q: How do I change those numbers into 'Number stored in Text' (Those
numbers where little green box thingy appear on the top left of the
cell)? If I just change the format, it becomes 290099009 again and I
have to type '0' manually then it becomes 'Number stored as Text'.
Since I have like 40,000 numbers I don't think I can do it by

thank you for your help.