Excel 2003 - VBA - Forms

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Subject: Excel 2003 - VBA - Forms
Posted by:  Craig Brandt (brandtcra…@att.net)
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2008

I am starting to use "userforms" to collect data. It can help ensure that
the data is valid and enforce placement.

When I inserted code "on field change" that transfered that data to the
spread sheet, there was a pause, unacceptable during data entry. I therefore
deferred changing the cells in the spreadsheet until all input was done in
the forms. This time the pause occured upon closure of the userforms, but at
17 secs, was a bit excessive.
My exit routine had a lot of the following types statements to transfer the
data:  Sheets("AllAcct").Cells(2,3) = Userforms2.StartDate

Is there a better way of handling the data transfer?