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Subject: Re: Excel 2003 - VBA - Forms
Posted by:  Jim Rech (jrre…
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2008

Sounds like calc mode is automatic.  If so, change to manual at least while
your code is putting data in the worksheet:

Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual data
Application.Calculation= xlCalculationAutomatic

Also, if you have any event code running, like Worksheet_Change, you might
want to turn that off too.

"Craig Brandt" <brandtcra…> wrote in message
|I am starting to use "userforms" to collect data. It can help ensure that
| the data is valid and enforce placement.
| When I inserted code "on field change" that transfered that data to the
| spread sheet, there was a pause, unacceptable during data entry. I
| deferred changing the cells in the spreadsheet until all input was done in
| the forms. This time the pause occured upon closure of the userforms, but
| 17 secs, was a bit excessive.
| My exit routine had a lot of the following types statements to transfer
| data:  Sheets("AllAcct").Cells(2,3) = Userforms2.StartDate
| Is there a better way of handling the data transfer?
| Thanks,
| Craig


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