Formula to show date, i.e., Apr.01-31.2007?

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Subject: Formula to show date, i.e., Apr.01-31.2007?
Posted by:  MitchellWMA (mitchellwm…
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008

I find I'm stumped.  I have a spreadsheet that has manual dates in the
format of mmm.1stday-lastday.yyyy, i.e.,

The regional settings on my computer show dates as

What I shall be doing is converting that text format to a date format
so that the dates look like this:
That part is easy.

However, how could one change the displayed date of the above to the
first format, that of mmm.1stday-lastday.yyyy?  I will have about 3
different date types I need so getting the first one would be great.
I can then apply the principle to the other date formats.

So, if I start off with something like:
what can be done to get the display of:

I ordinarily do this type of thing under the custom option in the
number formatting one does in cells.  But needing the last day, which
will be a calculation I'm guessing, is what makes this one a toughie.

Thanks!  :oD