how to do these things in Excel with and without VBA?

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Subject: how to do these things in Excel with and without VBA?
Posted by:  LunaMoon (lunamoonmo…
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008

Hi all,

I am learning Excel/VBA via using it in real day-to-day work.

Two questions:

1. How to multiple a whole range of cells by 2 all together and all at
once? (element-wise).

Of course, I am looking for more flexibility, such as apply a function
to the whole region of cells.

I understand that it could be done for rectangular shapes; is there a
way to do this by first select a bunch of cells and label the cells as
one single region(non-rectangular and non-regular shaped), and then
apply function to this region as a whole?

2. This time I have a function in XLL (treated as black box here, it
usually takes a column of values, or a row of values, treating these
cells internally as a "vector" in C++). I have verified that the
function works properly.

But now, what if I want to select cells which are scattered around and
not arranged in one row or one column ...

It's like a multiple selection, and I don't have criteria for VSelect
-- the cells should be selected by hand, no uniform criteria for any
automatic selection...

Please help me!

Thanks a lot!