Precision as Displayed flaw

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Subject: Precision as Displayed flaw
Posted by:  Will Fleenor (wi…
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008

Precision as Displayed flaw:
So why do we get the very poorly worded warning and why has this simple
problem not been fixed?  Is it a difficult programming issue or has it just
not received adequate attention.  Not needing =round() and not suffering
from unnoticed rounding errors in reports is after all a huge issue in the
minds of the vast majority of users (casual empiricysm after providing
training to 100000s of business professionals).

Even if this is a programming nitemare, the warning could at least be
revised to be useful.  After all the only assumptions that are negatively
impacted are digits entered without the benefit of being proceed by the =
sign.  Is there any other issue.  I don't believe so.  Formula are never
adversely impacted (if you don't believe this then provide an example).  VBA
people are welcome to comment (I hope that is an acceptable way to address
this audience).

Even more importantly, the feature is never promoted by Microsoft and
virtually unknown to the vast majority of users who simply see calculations
that use undisplayed precision as errors that must be corrected by using the
=round() function.  If someone would just tell them that there it is togel
switch that as been in the product for 20 years.

Will Fleenor