Custom print comments in Excel 2007

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Subject: Custom print comments in Excel 2007
Posted by:  Thomas Guignard (thomas.guigna…
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008

Hi there

There are two ways to print comments in Excel, either the WYSIWYG way
(little stacked boxes over the actual worksheet) or as separate pages.
Problem with the separate pages way: the comments get printed as

Cell:      B9
Comment: User name:

Now, the cell number is not necessarly the easiest way to locate a
specific cell. My question: would it be possible to replace the cell
number with, for example, the content of the cell or the content of the
neighboring cell?

I'm not an expert in VBA programming, but if someone could point out
where I should start to customize the comment printing options, maybe I
will be able to sort out the rest.

Thanks for your help.

Thomas Guignard
Central Library
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne