Excel 2007 - Possibly a compatibility issue with 2003 Sheets

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Subject: Excel 2007 - Possibly a compatibility issue with 2003 Sheets
Posted by:  Craig Brandt (brandtcra…@att.net)
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008

Not much to go on with this issue. Just fishing.

I created a sheet in Excel 2003 on Windows 2003. It was being used by an
excel 2007 user and had some really funky anomalies.

We were unable to duplicate the problems exactly, but every occurrence
seemed to share symptoms.

The following symptoms should be viewed as approximations, and not cast in
concrete facts.

When the user selected cell BM392, data in cells just off the screen, above
and to both sides, and maybe 6 cells wide and up to 10 rows high, would not
be displayed when the screen was scrolled down. When a cell was selected and
activated, the data and/or formulas were present, but still not displayed.
When the cells were selected (not activated), the display magically
reappeared and remained, even when the cell was no longer selected.  Scroll
back down, reselect BM392 and check again, it may lose some display, but
probably only in cells not previously affected. Close and reload the sheet
and you could start with the problems all over again. Minor changes were
made to the sheet, with no known collation to the problem area, and
eventually the problems could not be duplicated.

Can anyone explain this phenomenon? Has anyone seen this happen to them?