Data labels every second point

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Subject: Data labels every second point
Posted by:  Klemen25 (klemen…
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008


I found and successfully used the below stated macro for adding data
labels on the last data point.
Could someone of you experts help me with creating a macro, that would
add data labels on every second point (when there are a lot of data
the labels are too crowded, and to erase manually every second label
is quite time consuming)

Thank you all!

    Sub LastPoinLabel()
      Dim mySrs As Series
      Dim nPts As Long
On Error GoTo Error
        For Each mySrs In ActiveChart.SeriesCollection
          With mySrs
            nPts = .Points.Count
            mySrs.Points(nPts).ApplyDataLabels _
                Type:=xlDataLabelsShowValue, _
                AutoText:=True, LegendKey:=False

          End With
Error:              Exit Sub
    End Sub