Enumerate Excel Global variables

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Subject: Enumerate Excel Global variables
Posted by:  jsp_clar…@hotmail.com
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008

Anyone know if there's a way to enumerate the global variables within
a workbook when opening it for automation?

I know that you can write a macro in a general module that exposes a
variable and then call that macro via:


But what if you have no control over the development of the Excel
workbook and cannot dictate that a macro be written to expose the
variable you're interested in? In fact in the case I'm dealing with I
don't even know the name of the variable. All I know is that the
workbook may have global variables of a COM component of a certain

Is there some way to get a handle on all the global variables in a
workbook to enumerate through them so you can find the ones you're
interested in?