Can some explain the answer I received

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Subject: Can some explain the answer I received
Posted by:  Jim Abel
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008

I got the folling response to an earlier question but do not know how to find
the article the responder referenced.  Can someone tell me where he is
expecting me to find the reference?
I tryed the seach box on the page but it came back with 0
results found


Provided response:

In article <076FA966-0F43-423E-B3C1-5A77AD7290…>,
=?Utf-8?B?SmltIEFiZWw=?= <JimAb…> wrote:
>I have a copy of Excel 2003 installed on a server.  It is in a share were the
>4 people on out team can access throuh a mapped drive.  When any of us open
>the workbook make some changes and attempt to save it we get a messavebox
>that says the disk is full.
>This in not true.
>If we save the workbook to our desttop, make the edits save it and copy it
>back to the server they are saved for the next person to see without a
>This adds a good deal of time to the changes over the month and we would
>like to know ifanyone can tell us why we cannot edit the file directly on the
>server.  It contains a data source to a database that populates the workbook
>with some data, if that matters.
>Any ideas of why we have this behavior and what we could do so that we can
>simply open the file in place make the changes and then save it , would be
>greatly appreciated.