Add a new chart *without* default data?

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Subject: Add a new chart *without* default data?
Posted by:  Lars Uffmann (
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008

Hi everyone!

I have a workbook in Excel 2003 with 2 worksheets with some ~6000 rows
each. Now I want to add some charts. On the first one, this seems to
work fine, and I set a bunch of properties (including the data source)
manually. Then when I add the 2nd chart, it predraws the whole thing
with all 6000 lines of data, even though I haven't yet defined any data
source. It just takes some default source and paints it. Of course this
is *very* annoying and unnecessarily slowing the whole thing down. Is
there any way to configure Excel so that a new chart will be a "naked"
chart, without attempting to display *any* data until I manually set up
a data source?

Grateful for any tips!