ActiveX controls cause Excel to Shutdown

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Subject: ActiveX controls cause Excel to Shutdown
Posted by:  omokeeā€¦
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008

Last night I was doing some simple coding in VBA.  The code applied to
two command buttons: one would copy and paste a line along with adding
a few check boxes, the other would delete said line and boxes.  I
saved one of my first stabs at the code, and when I went to add
another command button Excel would shut itself down and auto recover
my previous work.  I had been seeing the error "object library invalid
or contains references to object definitions" before this began
happening.  I have Microsoft Office 2003 and have tried re-installing
it, to no avail.  Every time I use the ActiveX controls (add a list,
check box, command button, etc.) Excel closes out.  Anyone have any