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Subject: basic pivot table group
Posted by:  Alan (jalanthom…
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008

I have looked at some basic Pivot Table tutorials, but I have a
very basic question not answered by their examples. . . .

      I have data in a spreadsheet formatted like this, each row
representing an event:

Timestamp        Process        Message ID
11:23:45:123      processA      message123
11:23:45:124      processB      message123
11:23:45:136      processC      message123
11:23:46:123      processA      message456
11:23:47:123      processB      message456
11:23:47:678      processC      message456

    Can a pivot table help me reformat the data like below?

Message ID        processA            processB            processC
message123      11:23:45:123      11:23:45:124        11:23:45:136
message456      11:23:46:123      11:23:47:123        11:23:47:678

Or is that not the type of thing it can do?

    I tried to lay this out, but the timestamp data was never
displayed (showed all "0"s or "1"s).

Thanks, Alan