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Subject: excel ideas
Posted by:  Bassman (Bassman10…@gmail.com)
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008

I have another question.  I am not a true newbie but most of what I
is what I have been shown and I change it to handle what ever project
I am working on.
I need to report sales figures by sales type, by total sales and
profit,monthly and compare year over, month over and trend 6 months.
currently have a data input sheet, a parameters sheet for calulating
report month, and a report generating sheet.
Input sheet has sales type in rows and months are one column sales on
profit for total year.
I need to have input for more than one year so I am going to setup a
new input sheet for each year.
The report sheet has foumluas that pull data by month by setup from
parameters formula.  The report sheet works fine now. I am trying to
expand to show trends and multi year and the formulas are getting too
big.  Maybe there is a different way to go about this.  I was
a database would be better idea but I never made a database before
made a form to pull data with.
Any ideas would be great...I can post my workbook.  (How do I do

Thanks in advance