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Subject: a Solver question
Posted by:  Luting (houluti…@gmail.com)
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008

Hi, I am trying to use Solver to solve a scheduling problem.
We get orders every Sunday, and then schedule the production for the
following week. The order is as follows:

      Prod1      Prod2      Prod3
M      4            1
T        1
TR      2            1
F                                      1
S                      2

The numbers indicate the amount of products we need produced BY this
And we have schedule tables for two plants like this:

Plant 1:
      Prod1      Prod2      Prod3
M      x11        x12
T        x21        x22
W      x31
TR    ....          ...          ...
S      x71                      x73
Plant 2:
      Prod1      Prod2      Prod3
M      y11        y12
T        y21        y22
W      y31
TR    ....          ...          ...
S      y71                      y73

It's not a simple linear programming since we need to consider the
difference of the deadline of each order. e.g.
SUM(x11:x71)+SUM(y11+y71)=4+1+2. This is one of the constraint, but
not all. x11and y11 should cover the order on first day, therefore
x11+y11>=4. And each plant has limits of the amount it can produce per
day. So it's very possible that the order cannot be met. In this case,
we need to add the delayed order to the following day and try to meet
it there.

Is it possible to solve this complex problem in Solver?
If so, can anyone give me some hint?
Many thanks.