Linking & Emailing Multiple Work books

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Subject: Linking & Emailing Multiple Work books
Posted by:  dya…
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008

Hi there,

Last time I was on here, you guys worked miracles....hoping for the
same again ;-)

I am not able to successfully send 4 workbooks by email to my boss and
have the links remain active between the 4 documents that have been
(They still shows link paths back to the original document location on
my computer's hard drive)

There is one Summary workbook linked to Workbook A, Workbook B and
Workbook C.
I want to be able to email the 4 documents to him, and have him be
able to open up the Summary sheet,
(by going to Edit > Links > Change Source, and choose the Workbooks A,
B and C stored now on his computer)

  - However, when I go to "Change Source", I cannot select any of
workbook A, B or C on his computer?
  - Any thoughts on why this is happening?
  - Am I following best practices for trying to accomplish the task of
emailing multiple linked workbooks?

Any help is much appreciated!