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Subject: formatt question
Posted by:  Bob Bob (NOeMAI…
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008

I have a sheet I am entering information across in rows  (A1  is name, B1 is
date C1 is product & D1 is area, then new set of info A2...) I need to view
this information in rows on 1 sheet but in columns but I need the same
information on sheet to in columns so it goes  A1  is name, A2 is date A3 is
product & A4 is area, then new set of info B1...)  is there a easy way to
change the format from one sheet to the other or a formula that I can do
this with? I have about 300 line of info I need to view per sheet and I
don't want to enter it twice once in rows and then again in columns.
Thanks to all in advance.