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Subject: Excel 2007 - User interface
Posted by:  Steven (svaar…@googlesmail.com)
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008


Is there anyway to replace the new Excel 2007 interface with the old
interface, for example
the menu items "Developer" "Addins", "Review" menus are irrelevant in the
majority of spreadsheet cases we use.

Using the old-style keysequence: Alt+T -> i to bring up the addins menu, I
clicked upon:

Analysis ToolPak
Analysis ToolPak-VBA
Conditional Sum Wizard

but after installing them,. nothing was shown under the "Addins" menu....
are they installed by default ... if so why would having doing the above,
brought up the "Configuration Process" GUI ? How can I see what "addins"
have been installed ? And how can I uninstall them....

Thanks in advance,